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childhood monsters   echoes chase each other across my… - True Life: I'm Bi-Curious [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Oct. 25th, 2004|03:43 pm]
[Current Mood |blahblah]
[Current Music |Thousand Foot Krutch - This Is A Call]

childhood monsters


echoes chase each other across my walls

like shadows and whispers of memories

painful and black, slithering like snakes

slivers of shattered glass

cutting my feet, scars still there

like the scars on my wrists, death wishes

never to be carried out

pale and silver, long slender fingers

reaching to grab, pull, tear

and we hide

under covers, under pillows,

from things watching

in closets

under beds

our childhood monsters

to claim us

and our lives


the shards of glass

once my mirror

reflected my image


distorted by

scars and cracks

interrupting the smooth moon shaped lake of glass

now gone

never to return


and memories, harsh and bright

dampen tissues and eyes

and purge me of tears

and the rivers of salt water that once flooded

my vision, dry up

as the shadows dance

and race

and echoes since old songs

and horrible voices

tear at my ears

and old shouts

and ancient clouds

color my pale cheeks

and my long hair knots and pulls

and headaches pound

in my finger tips

sighs sounds


if you caress a shadow,

it purrs and arches its back

like a cat

so i grab one

and hold on tight

and wrap my arms around it

my shadow glances at me

through slit black eyes

and hisses

and nimbly leaps away

to catch the memories

to teat them apart

and spread the pieces

across gray skies

where they become clouds


and i stare

at my image

reflected over and over

thousands of times

in the glass shards

i walk across them

barefoot and open

the window

i leap out

and drift down

through the fog

to the hills and lakes

nevermore to be

and i am an echo

a memory

a shadow

a glass shard


like faded silk and torn lace

slick ice and dried flowers

that the wind blows


and the air shimmers and smells

of death