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Bound Future [Apr. 6th, 2005|09:35 am]
[Current Mood |melancholymelancholy]
[Current Music |Streetlight Manifesto - Here's To Life]

Bound Future

I want us young and falsely innocent together in the mirror - hand print images dyed
dark and needle pricked
slow like thick black tea - sugar so sweet, honey in your coffee
and china doll hands growing in our gardens
crayon scribbled whispered letters on thick creamy paper
roughly torn from fairy tale after fairy tale
of glass, death, fruit of our enchantment

I want us gaunt and thinly veiled together behind a solid door - oak and cracked
no sounds will reach our shadowland
we, older and drinking cheap wine - it tastes like foreign words, bitter between my teeth
with dead flowers weeping on the kitchen table
lipstick and tear traces on our tissue cheeks
balled into cat toys in the dusty bones
of our unpainted wood, stained glass, trapped music box world

I want us aging and plump rose cheeked together in our better years - we are fed
on ripe tomatoes
on bitter dark espresso and tongues - dripping ringed stains on our knuckles and gums
piles of violets and peaches on the door mat
we carved verses into tables at restaurants in our young times
ripped them into our skin but now we are safe
of our no longer selves, our bound hearts and wrists, never lost to those garden lions

I want us cold and gray in all colors together in a crooked chair - pictures on the walls
of the walls around us in faded sheets
penicillin and children's aspirin - fake grape, cherry, orange dyed our tongues
those synthetic fruits grow and flourish in spidery bottles
pointed like letters crumpled beneath out pillows
we tore them in aching backs and restless nights
of our slowed breath, shallow breath, no more breath.